To really know what coaching can do for you, read what others have to say…


Elaine Simpson

Office Manager, Mother & Grandmother

Rogers, AR, USA


I’ve had the privilege to be “coached” by Dan Carson.  Going into these sessions, I wasn’t sure what it was all about or even what we would talk about, but was surprised to find my sessions with Dan enlightening.   I have a habit of just going through life without plans or goals, during several sessions I would have an “aha!” moment , realizing that there were things I could do to accomplish more in my life than I had even thought of before.  As a result I have branched out of my comfort zone and learned several new things. I have learned to set goals in dealing with others and to pray for people more.  I would definitely recommend Dan as a Life Coach. 



Amanda Huffman

Human Resources Officer & Mother of 2

Austin, Texas, USA


Balance does not come to me naturally.  I am the type of person who dives into things head first and get tunnel vision.  Combined with the fact that I lead recruiting and HR in a start-up I lost the battle of finding balance quickly.  I was in desperate need of reconnecting my mind, my body and spirit.  I was stuck and wanted to function in life in a more peace filled and higher level manner.  I knew I needed to work on organization, so all aspects of my life will would in synergy together and had no idea how to do it.  And then I found Dan Carson. 


Dan has a special talent in his line of work.  He is compassionate, loving, spiritual (on a universal level), insightful and empowering. Dan has many tools, but I think the most amazing thing that he does is really listen and hear what you are fumbling and trying to say.  He pinpointed the roots of my issues, and is helping me work through them.  Dan has an uncanny ability to get to the heart of what is going on with you.  He is intuitive and insightful and gave me a fresh perspective.  Dan knows exactly what to say and stimulates dialogue, knowing when and how to push and when it is too much. 


Dan’s enthusiasm and calm are contagious.  Trust usually takes time for me to establish, but with Dan, he garnered it instantly.  There is no judgment from Dan.  He is grounded and intuitive and I found this to be so empowering. This is NOT coaching that requires you to do months of work to start seeing results.  I quickly began to break through blocks.  He has a great way of helping you re-energize and gain clarity and momentum quickly. He is a natural born motivator, but doesn’t browbeat or nag you to help you meet your goals, or even to define and set them.  We have a very collaborative relationship.  He guides you with empathy.  Dan is very intuitive and is a subject matter expert… on life! 


Dan has helped me implement changes in my life, both in work and personal and stayed with me to support me while making those changes really happen.  We work together at me being my best and doing more than I thought I could do.  He is never afraid to tell me the truth in the most supportive and gentle way even in emotionally charged situations.  He handles everything with such finesse that it feels positive. 


I am not saying that he does magic, like “poof” and your life gets better.  Dan helps you understand how your mind and body is connected, and gives you tools so you can work on your stuff. He is a rare gem and I can’t recommend him enough! 



Mark Haines


Bay City, Michigan, USA


Have you ever worked on a project for a long time only to think if I had known that sooner I would have saved a lot of time? Dan Carson is the kind of coach who will help you discover those things sooner. I know because he has helped me.