The Power of Accountability

The Power of Accountability

There are so many expectations placed on pastors.  They are to be versed in theology, current media, technology, counseling, leadership trends, and even gardening.  And, that is just a Tuesday.  Pastors are expected to be a one-man band that sounds like the New York Philharmonic.  That type of expectation can be devastating for young and older pastors alike.  They feel as if there is no way to measure up.  So, they stop trying.  It is in those moments that a pastor needs an accountability partner.  This is someone who holds them responsible for what comes next.  How will they handle the challenges ahead of them?  How will they experience growth in their personal and ministry lives?  How do they plan on staying morally pure as they lead the people that God has called them to serve.  If you aren’t convinced yet, let me share with you three things you can find in accountability and one important thing that you can do with that information.

  1. Strength is found in Accountability.

In Ecclesiastes 4:12, the Bible talks about this type of idea.  There it says, “And though a man might prevail against one who is alone, two will withstand him—a threefold cord is not quickly broken.” (ESV)  The idea is really rather simple.  One person by himself or herself is easily defeated.  Self-doubt and discouragement can easily overtake us and leave us lost and alone.  My personal struggles with confidence can sometimes overwhelm me and leave me defeated.  Having one more person involved is great and can pick you up when you are down, but add a third and everything can change.  That is one of the reasons that discipleship triads are so powerful.  The greater truth here is to understand that we can’t do it alone.  We need someone to walk this road of life with us.  Believers understand that the Holy Spirit comes alongside them and gives them support, but we were made for relationship.  God wants us to join forces with others and lean into those relationships.  It is there that we can find strength when we wish to give up.  Asking others to hold you accountable can make you stronger than you can imagine.

2. Forward Movement is found in Accountability.

On our own, we can often get stuck in the mud.  Back in college, I was trying to get across town and to class one rainy day.  I was pushed for time and wasn’t paying attention.  I veered off the road just a little.  In the blink of an eye, my little Honda Accord found a patch of mud.  It only took about 15 secs to get stuck, but there was no moving my car.  With no one else with me, I couldn’t move.  The car was in too deep and I was just one guy.  I ended up leaving the car and walking the rest of the way back to my dorm.  I had to wait until it dried out to make any more progress.  However, if I had even just one other person there with me that day, I could have gotten out.  An accountability partner can help us move forward when we want to give up or we get stuck in the mud of our own lives.  They can call us out when we start to sit in the mire.  They can ask us the right questions and TOGETHER we can move forward.

3. Authenticity is found in Accountability.  

One of the other great things about accountability is that it helps us become genuine in our lives.  We put on faces and masks for all sorts of situations.  We try to keep our reputation clean even if that means hiding things.  When we get in the habit of being real with someone, it moves us to a life of greater truthfulness.  We allow people to see us warts and all.  Whether it is my co-workers, family, or congregation, I want to be real.  They need to see the person that I am, so they can better understand the God that loves me anyway.

Find a Coach…

While you may have someone in your life that can serve as your accountability partner, many in ministry don’t have that luxury.  A leadership & life coach can serve as that partner.  He or she can help you move forward in your personal and vocational worlds.  Together, you and a coach can discover and set goals that are followed up upon as you meet in your sessions.

If you are looking for a life & leadership coach, contact us at Balanced Life Concepts.  We would love to help you reach your goals and stay true to the life’s calling.

Dan Carson

Dan is a motivated life coach with a passion for pastors.

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