4 Races 1 Month

4 Races 1 Month

Have you ever done something and then realized, “Maybe that wasn’t a good idea…” I am closing in on the end of a crazy month of running, but I didn’t even realize that it was crazy until today.

On May 3rd, I ran in the 2nd Annual Unofficial Square to Square Marathon. Technically, it’s an Ultra. It was supposed to be 27 miles. However, if you make a wrong turn it turns into 27.2, but that’s a story for another day.  On May 17th, I ran the 2014 Oklahoma Warrior Dash with my wife and son.  It is a 3.1 mile course with obstacles.  It was a blast.  After running through the course once, some of the guys there wanted to do it again.  So… me and my crazy son hit the trail again and turned our 5k day into a 10k.  Then on May 26th, I ran my very first official cross country 5K race.  It was great and had my second fastest official time of 26:21.  Not lightning fast, but definitely not slow for this big boy.  Tomorrow night, I will be running in the Bentonville 2 mile Glow Run with my wife, son, daughter, mother, niece, and nephews (Well… nephew.  The younger one is going to get pushed in his stroller.).  I thought about a month of races before it got here.  But here it is.

That is the trick to facing difficult things.  Don’t look too far ahead.  I probably would have freaked out a little if I realized that I was going to be running like a mad man during May.  I probably wouldn’t have picked up the Mizuno Baton (https://ifeverybodyran.com/) and ran for homelessness this past week if I had really been thinking.  But, I simply looked at each one as they came to me.  I trusted that God would help me through the next step.  God can do the same for you if you trust him with each step as you go forward.  Don’t obsess about the unknown.  Trust Him.

Dan Carson

Dan is a motivated life coach with a passion for pastors.

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