Did You Run?

Did You Run?

After way too long, I stepped out my door again for a run.  I have been struggling with running over the last few months.  I have just had a hard time getting out the front door.  Oh, I could go to the gym and use the Arc Trainer or the Elliptical, but lacing up my shoes for a run has been very difficult.  I could blame the heat or a hundred other things, but the simple truth is that I didn’t run.  What was different about today?  I asked someone to hold me accountable.  

In just a little over two months, I am supposed to run the Inaugural Soaring Wings FULL Marathon in Conway, Arkansas.  Notice, I capitalized FULL.  It helps me remember that I must travel 26.2 miles in less than 6 hours.  I’m not sure that I can get myself ready for the race in time, but I am sure that if I hadn’t asked my wife to hold me accountable this morning, I would have slid back into bed and gotten more sleep.  Instead, I got around and got in a few miles before work.

The stats are nothing to write home about, but there is one very important factor… I Ran!  When we want to accomplish something, we must put in the work.  We can’t just show up on race day and think that we will somehow magically be ready.  We must put in the effort.  The truth is that we all don’t put in 100% effort 100% of the time.  We go through ups and downs as we struggle to do those things that we need and want to do.  Accountablity is an incredibly powerful weapon in the war on procrastination.  There is nothing quite like knowing that someone is going to ask you about your goal or project.  The Healthy Life is marked by having an accountability partner.  We all need someone to lean on that can ask us the tough questions including… Did you Run? 
Dan Carson

Dan is a motivated life coach with a passion for pastors.

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