Finding Your Bliss

Finding Your Bliss

I know the title of today’s post sounds all “new agey,” but there is some truth to it.  If you want to be healthy and have a long term impact in your ministry, it is vital that you find that thing that brings you a sense of joy and fun that is totally unrelated to your ministry.  For me, it is running and Taekwondo.  Those activities give me a way to physically release stress and find focus.  Now, there are other things that I enjoy:  books, movies, TV, video games, etc.  However, running and TKD provide an avenue for a calorie burn and enjoyment.  If you want to be healthy, find that which you can do that will allow for both.  There are so many options out there:  biking, walking, hiking, martial arts, tennis, basketball, softball, & even bowling.  Just get moving!

SuperDan at the AIM 2013 5K.
Dan Carson

Dan is a motivated life coach with a passion for pastors.

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