My 2nd FULL Marathon (& 1st Ultra)…

My 2nd FULL Marathon (& 1st Ultra)…

This past Sunday, I ran the Route 66 Full Marathon.  It was my 2nd Full Marathon.  My first was the 2012 Little Rock Full Marathon.  I did that one to check something off of my bucket list and to honor my Dad.  It was a day before the 2nd anniversary of his death.  It was an extremely emotional affair and one that I will never forget. 

The 2013 Route 66 Marathon was a great race with even better people.  However, this one wasn’t as emotional.  I ran this one for myself.  It was a chance to prove to myself that I could do it.  I improved my marathon time by a little over 10 minutes and that was after adding the Center of the Universe Detour which turned my 2nd Full Marathon into my 1st Ultra Marathon (Any thing over 26.2 is technically an ultra.  This one might be the shortest ultra in the world.  It added .3 miles.).  The Center of the Universe Detour allows you to run a little extra and check out a acoustical oddity.  You stand at a certain point on the rise in the path and you can speak and hear an echo.  No one else hears it, just you.  Cool stuff. 

The day itself was a cold one.  I think that my app clocked it in at 23 degrees with a wind chill making it feel like 12 degrees.  Not a typical run, but definitely one I won’t forget.  There were many things that I enjoyed about the race itself, but perhaps none more than the people.  I spoke with a number of Marathon Maniacs out on the course.  They were all very encouraging.  It makes me very excited to be making my run for the club.  I will be running the St. Jude’s Memphis Marathon on December 7th to secure my membership in the group.

My family and church think I am crazy.  They haven’t see this guy.  I saw him on the course.  Let’s just say… This guy was CRAZY!

Here are a couple of instagram photos that I have posted…

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