Pump & Run!

Pump & Run!

This weekend, I have another crazy race to run.  This one is an obstacle 5k with a twist.  Apparently, we can reduce our time by bench pressing a percentage of our body weight, 20 seconds for each sucessful rep.  Unfortunately, 90% of my weight is percentage that I have to shoot for.  That means I will have to press about 175lbs.  I am not too excited about the amount, but it should be a fun morning.

One of the great things about being healthier is having the ability to try new things.  If you take the time to make yourself healthy now, you will be able to enjoy years of new things.

Want to try the Pump & Run 5K in Bentonville, AR?  Follow the link below…

Dan Carson

Dan is a motivated life coach with a passion for pastors.

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