Running for a Cause

Running for a Cause

Last year, I trained months and months for the St. Jude Memphis Marathon.  I invested time and money into preparing myself and making sure that I was in Memphis for the race.  Unfortunately, with less than 24 hours to go, the race was cancelled due to weather.  Ugh  I just wanted to scream.  It wasn’t until I took some time and thought about it that I regained my composure.  The race was a fundraiser for the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital that provides FREE treatment for children as they face the reality of cancer in their young lives.  The money was still raised.  Kids were still able to be treated.  So what if I didn’t get to run.  With your help, I still made a difference.

However… I still want to run that race.  So when I got an email yesterday saying that I could register as a fundraiser early because of last year’s race, I jumped at it and got all set up.  My goal again this year is $500.  I have already raised $190.  If you would, please consider helping me reach my goal.  It is a fantastic cause.

You can donate at…

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