Running with Family

Running with Family

When I began running in 2011, I thought that this would be a solitary journey.  I was wrong.  My brother ran with me on my very first 5K.  It was great to have the encouragement (and the competition).  Since that first race, my brother and sister-in-law have been running with me and offering encouragement.  In 2012, my mother got the running bug too.  We all ran the Race for the Cure and she has now completed 3 5K’s.  When I ran my marathon in 2012, my family was there cheering me on.  I had to run that one by myself, but my family was there to cheer me on.

Running can be something for the whole family, but it takes work.  Different ability and commitment levels come into play when you go out to train together.  However, there is nothing like crossing the finish line with your mom or even your little girl.  This past Friday night, my daughter and I had that opportunity.  We ran the Bentonville Race Series Glow Run 2 miler.  It was an easy run for me, but a challenge for my little girl.  At 11, she has never been much of a runner.  However, she now has this desire to run in much of the Bentonville Race Series and even run the Half Marathon next spring.  I am proud of her desire and hope that I can help her bring her dream into reality.

The best part of Friday night wasn’t running.  It was sharing something special with my girl.  Those are the moments that can never be taken away.  Family is so important to being a Healthy Pastor.  Let me encourage you to make some memories with your kids.  You may not be a runner (…yet), but you can find something special to share with your kids.

Be active and include the WHOLE family.

Dan Carson

Dan is a motivated life coach with a passion for pastors.

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