Running with My Wife

Running with My Wife

My wife made my day a few months ago when she said that she would run the Soaring Wings Half Marathon with me.  She knows that running a Half Marathon with her is one of those things that I had hoped that we would do together, but never expected to really happen.  So, when she said, “Sign me up,” I jumped all over it.

Today, we got in our first official 2-miler.  She has been running some 30 minute runs over the past few weeks, but this was the first official distance run.  She isn’t fast, but she is out there, and in large part, for me.  I am a blessed man.  My wife loves me enough to join me in my craziness.  So even if it takes 3 1/2 hours for us to get across that finish line, we will do it TOGETHER.

Being a healthy pastor means having a healthy relationship with your wife.  Notice, I didn’t say perfect.  I am a flawed person.  My wife is a flawed person.  It is impossible for us to have a PERFECT marriage.  However, we can continue to work on our relationship and build it by sharing our lives together.

My wife is willing to share 13.1 miles with me on October 25th and a bunch of miles as we train together for the race.  Is this fun for me?  Yes.  I love the challenge of running and I definitely enjoy the experience of race day.  Is this fun for her?  Probably not, but she is doing it anyways because she loves me.  
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