Serving Together…

Serving Together…

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to serve on church staff with a number of godly men.  Henry Horton, Donny Parrish, Alan Rogers, and Terry Kimbrow made up the first staff that I worked with at Antioch Baptist Church of Conway.  There, I had the opportunity to serve as the Assistant Director of Student Ministries.  Since then, I have served with the late Dr. Brad Hoshaw, David Pickard, Ronnie Chesser, Ron Fields, and Wade Allen.  I have been blessed to find myself serving together with men of integrity and purpose.  Each of them love the Lord and have sought the Kingdom Purpose in each situation.  And while these men have truly been a blessing, my greatest partner in ministry hasn’t been a man.  It is the beautiful woman that I have been married to for the past 22 years, my Temple.  God put us together decades ago, so that we could serve together then and even now.

In the coming weeks, Temple will be stepping out in faith to open her own counseling and play therapy center, The Family That Plays Together.  I have been so excited to see how God has opened the door for her to leave the safety of a counseling center with a great reputation and to venture out to fulfill her God-given dream and vision.  Probably one of the most exciting things is that I get to be a part of the excitement as I work with the marketing and business management of her new center.  We get to serve together again.
Temple Carson
God doesn’t want us to go through life alone.  He gives us people to love, to lift up, and to serve with.  The power of a partnership in ministry and in life is incredible.  Think about it.  Moses had Aarron.  Paul had Silas.  Even Jesus had His disciples.  Partners in ministry can make up for our weaknesses or even pick us up when we fall.  At the heart of the matter is this, we can accomplish more for Him together than we can by ourselves.
The Healthy Life and Ministry is one marked with REAL partners.  These are men and women that share your dream and vision.  They are the ones that will march up a hill with you to overcome the darkness.  They are the ones that you need as you Serve Together.  
Dan Carson

Dan is a motivated life coach with a passion for pastors.

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