Stepping Out in Faith

Stepping Out in Faith

Last July, I told our church that it was time for me to step away from Student Ministry.  I loved and continue to love our students, but God was calling me to something different.  When I spoke to our Deacons about the change, they asked me to continue until a new youth pastor was found.  I agreed, “even if it took until the end of the year.”  Well… 6 months later, we are still searching for God’s person to fill the role of Student Pastor here at Temple Baptist Church of Rogers.  However, I came to a realization that I couldn’t put God off any longer.  I needed to follow Him as He has been leading.  So, on January 31st, I served my last day as Youth & Worship Pastor.  I continue to serve at Temple Church as the Worship & Education Pastor, but at a reduced salary.  Is it a little scary to step away from what I have known for the last eight years into unfamiliar territory?  Yes.  Is it frightening to take a change in salary?  Yes.  Would I change anything about my decision?  No way.  God wants us to be willing to follow wherever and whenever He calls.

In the coming months, I will be working with my wife’s counseling business, The Family That Plays Together, to help it thrive as she ministers to families and children going through pain and crisis.  I will also be working to establish my Life Coaching business, Balanced Life Concepts, that will work with Corporations, Individuals, and Ministry Leaders.  
It is an exciting time for the Carson family, but also a little scary.  Whether it is a creaky old bridge or the next phase of life, there is fear associated with stepping into the unknown.  Will the bridge hold us up?  Will God provide when and what we need?  The truth is that the Healthy Pastor will step out into the unknown trusting God to provide in unknown ways.  When we agree to serve Him, He may call us to all sorts of unknown things.  
Do you have a willing heart?  Are you ready to step out into the unknown?  What is the Spirit saying to you today?      
The church honored me on January 31st with a money tree and a fantastic cake.
The great cake they had made in honor of my 8+ years of service as Youth Pastor at #TempleRogers.
Another look at the great cake they had made for me.  

Dan Carson

Dan is a motivated life coach with a passion for pastors.

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