The Three Letter Word… S-E-X

The Three Letter Word… S-E-X

They say men think about sex every 7 seconds… While that is simply a myth, it is fair to say that most men think about sex a great deal.  And, I am one of them.  Does that make me a pervert?  No.  God has created us to be, among other things, sexual beings.  Now, God has given us some specific rules about sex that insure that we honor Him.  First and foremost, sex is for a husband and wife.  God is clear in His Word about this.  We are not supposed to have sex outside of that marriage relationship or before.  God calls us to be pure in this area of our lives.  In addition, we are to keep our thought lives clear of fornication, adultery, or homosexuality.  While that may seem old school, it is biblical.  The truth is that God hasn’t placed a moratorium on sex.  In fact, he calls it a good thing for husband & wife and something that we shouldn’t neglect (1 Corinthians 7:2-5).

So why do I bring this up?  If you want to enjoy a better sex life with your spouse, start making healthy choices today with your food and activity.  In my mind, one of the greater benefits to losing weight and being in better shape is a better sex life.  It can and should be a motivator in your life.

How can a healthy lifestyle bring about a better sex life?

1.  Being happier with what you see in the mirror will bring you greater confidence.  As someone who has been married 21 years, I have learned that great sex is in large part mental.  If I don’t feel confident about the way that I look, I will feel inadequate and my performance will suffer.  I don’t have to look like a movie star.  I just need to be happy in my own skin.

2.  A healthier you is more attractive to your spouse.  It shows that you care about them.  It is a step beyond personal hygiene.  Brushing our teeth and showering are essentials, but when we don’t take care of those things, we send a clear message that we don’t care enough about them to take care of the minor things.  Working out and eating right are those next steps that bring about positive physical change that your spouse can see.  And the truth is, we all want to be more attractive for our spouse.  I want my wife to think of me as the best looking man in the world.  We both know that I’m not, but when I know she is attracted to me, I feel like I am.

3.  Having greater cardio endurance and muscular strength gives you the ability to enjoy your spouse longer.  Sex between a married couple shouldn’t always be a “five minute or less” affair.  It should last long enough for a husband and wife to connect on a deeper level.  Being physically fit gives you the ability to take your time.

4.  Eating right and exercising gives you a higher probability of a longer life.  Married couples often report enjoying sex much more years after they have been married.  A longer life devoted to a healthier lifestyle can give you more years of great sex.

God created us and has given us sex for procreation and pleasure for a husband and wife.  It can be a great motivator as we seek to honor God with our bodies and choose to live a healthier lifestyle.

Genesis 2:24 — Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh. (ESV)
Matthew 19:5 & Ephesians 5:31

Dan Carson

Dan is a motivated life coach with a passion for pastors.

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