The Daniel Plan

The Daniel Plan

Currently, I am leading our church through The Daniel Plan, a faith based wellness program produced by Rick Warren.  We have two groups that include a total of 5 teenagers and 10 adults.  That is pretty good considering the size of our little church.  I am excited to see our people take positive steps towards a healthier way of life.  It breaks it down into five major areas: faith, food, fitness, focus, and friends.  These are all necessary components as we look to bring about real change when it comes to our health.

I hope that you are looking to make yourself healthier.  Eat what God made is a great way to start when it comes to our food.  Just moving is where we start with fitness.  And, understanding God’s plan and desire for our life gives us the proper direction as we look to bring about any of this change.
Try to make one change today towards a healthier you.  Usually the first step is the hardest.

Dan Carson

Dan is a motivated life coach with a passion for pastors.

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